Girlfriends & Soulmates

“Maybe our girlfriends are our SOULMATES and guys are just people to have fun with.” – Sex & The City

The love energy I get from spending time with my girlfriends could light up a massive building for weeks!  I’ve said that before but it’s so true.

This last weekend I got my double dose of love from both my BFFs who funnily enough are both expecting a baby.

I often wonder what it is that feels so amazing being in their space (even when it’s silent,which is rare).  Could it be that unconditional love and support?  The assurance that they have your back no matter what. The long hugs that tell you ‘everything is ok’, the smiles that remind you how much they’ve missed you…

I find myself in such a beautiful state of gratitude when I think of my friends, what we’ve been through, the embarrassing secrets shared, laughter, the fun times, the painful times, weddings, babies, men…

Whatever it is I know I always feel good with them. Even when I haven’t spoken to or seen my girls in a while, I feel their presence in my heart.

Is there a measure for how much love I feel for my girls… absolutely not – MY GIRLS ARE PRICELESS!

So maybe they are my soulmates – whatever the truth I know I love my girls to bits and I’m so lucky to have them in life to love, support and inspire me.

Put a smile on your BFFs face today by letting them know how much you love them!

Have a beautiful Wednesday.



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